Case Studies from Print Image Network

Take a look at some of our successes

Our case studies are examples of the successes of Print Image Network. We’ve included just a few for you to look at it, showing the challenges, solutions and results that we have produced for a variety of businesses and Local Authorities.

Doncaster Council, May 2011 – Elections and Referendum

The challenge: Only weeks away from polling day, we were asked to step in and provide a complete suite of printed material for the Referendum as well as Local and Parish elections. Doncaster has around 225,000 electors, nearly a third of whom are postal voters so a product was needed that was both workable and cost-effective.

The solution: We have developed a sophisticated range of tried and tested postal vote solutions over the years, so came up with the right range of products including:

  • 225,000 combined A5 Poll Cards
  • 70,000 combined postal packs for Referendum and Local Election
  • 350,000 Parish postal packs
  • 1,734 Referendum polling station ballot books
  • 1,734 Local polling station ballot books
  • 867 Parish polling station ballot books

The result: All deadlines were met and the Council was very happy with the overall response rate as well as the products delivered they needed to issue far fewer replacement packs than in previous elections.

Leeds City Council – cutting the cost of non-responders

The challenge: To redesign the Council’s Canvass Form to stimulate the response rate and cut the cost of non-responders.
Leeds is one of the country’s biggest council, with more than half a million electors and the cost of reproducing and re-mailing forms to non-responders was massive.

The solution: A redesigned Canvass Form that was clear and easy to use and encouraged electors to return it by post or to use other cheaper registration options available.
We have years of experience of designing and producing Canvass Forms. We know colour is important so we used a two-colour design with the colour changing between runs. The text was Crystal Mark accredited and the form was supported by an instruction leaflet that also drew attention to the other ways of replying.

The result: Leeds had its greatest ever response to an annual canvass. It has not only continued using the format but many other councils have now adopted the format and seen similar improvements in response rates.

Warrington Borough Council – encouraging young electors – and reducing unlisted properties

The challenge: To encourage young first-time electors to vote.

The solution: To appeal to the young by involving their own age group from the beginning! Working with the Council, we organised a design-a-card competition among local schools.

The result: Take-up was excellent; the campaign was well received, awareness of voting was stimulated – and as a bonus, the project received good press publicity.

Blu-ray for HMV stores

The Challenge: To design & produce a Blu-ray player box sleeve for a HMV promotion in association with KDS Distribution.

The Solution: Clear and consistent communication with the client was essential. It was vital that the dimensions of the sleeve were correct and also that the artwork was positioned so that the right information and message were visible in the appropriate areas. The printing media and process used also had a critical impact to the success of the product. The key to getting the job right was testing. Several versions were designed, produced and argued over until our passionate team was eventually happy to sign off the final product to then be manufactured and distributed to HMV stores nationwide.

The Result: The client feedback was very positive; the promotion went well and we have since been chosen to complete a range of their promotional work.

Renaissance Living

The Challenge: To develop a new Renaissance Living’s brand identity and reproduce their full range of below the line marketing material, including website, stationery, brochures, PR material (press releases, editorials) and database development work.

The Solution: In order to create the most suitable and effective brand image it was necessary to carry out some qualitative research. Focus groups and field research in the form of questionnaires were conducted on representative samples of people who met the criteria of the client’s target market. This allowed feedback to be gained on various design ideas and concepts and ultimately gave Print Image Network a valuable basis to build upon. A brand identity was created that delivered impact and recognition, whilst also being adaptable enough to be implemented throughout the company.

The Result: The client was extremely happy with the end result and enjoyed a significant increase in brand awareness that was evident on analysis of the 12 months trading figures which followed.

Turner Price Ltd

The Challenge: To design & print a 20 page hamper catalogue for a major food delivery wholesaler. Print Image Network were given the task of managing the complete project; from developing the original concept and artwork, completing all product photography & styling, to the final printing of 35,000 high quality full colour catalogues.

The Solution: Print Image Network’s account management team is made up of people who specialise in various areas of industry, and so allows the most suitable and qualified account manager to be allocated to jobs that demand their particular skills. Due to this an Account Manager with over 10 years of mail order marketing experience was called upon to use her invaluable experience and knowledge of producing such a product that would reach their target market and would ultimately meet the client’s objectives.

The Result: A professional high quality catalogue was produced and the client has continued to place the annual job with Print Image Network  for the past 5 years.

Knock, knock postcards

The Challenge: Thousands of properties are classified as empty because the Council has no registered electors details. Council’s are under growing pressure to keep the register up to date.

The Solution: Prior to the last Parliamentary Election Print Image Network designed a simple but effective postcard which could be sent to the empty properties encouraging them to register their details with the Council.

The Result: Reduced the number of properties listed as empty and provided a cost effective and simple way for councils to keep their register updated.

18th Birthday Card directed at new electors

The Challenge: To encourage new electors who are turning 18 to vote.

The Solution: To send an 18th birthday card to all suitable electors on the Warrington electoral role. Print Image Network: Designed a range of suitable (election related) cards for the Council to choose from, that included how to vote instructions, a birthday message and full personalisation. Alternatively we encouraged Council’s to run a design a card competition with a local school and the winner’s design was used. The latter being what Warrington did.

The Result: Increased awareness of voting amongst 18 year olds and the younger people involved in the competition. Positive PR – through media coverage. See article attached.