UK print services exclusive to local authorities

Print Image Network offers design, print and supply of Housing Benefits and Council Tax Benefits claim forms along with supporting claim forms and leaflets

With our vast experience in UK print services, Print Image Network can help support you in key areas such as Benefits, with numerous housing and council tax benefits claim forms and information leaflets.

With links to government departments, we are able to maintain a library of claims forms, documents and leaflets which meet current legislations and are made available via our website, so that local authorities can download a standardised form which can be quickly edited to suit corporate needs, saving you time and expenses.

We’ve included a brief description of some of the most common forms that Print Image Network can produce and source printing for, however, we are able to supply forms for almost any purpose, so if you cannot find what you require on this site, please call us and we will use our extended database forms to find the forms or leaflets that you require.

Housing benefit claim forms

  • Standard HCTB1 form or Print Image Network’s own version
  • Colour schemes for Print Image Network’s version can either be as per the Model Claim Form (blue and yellow), or your own corporate colours

In Year Postal Check form
Based upon VF guidelines- contains the minimum amount of information required to stay VF compliant.

Review forms
These can be shortened versions of the ‘New Claim Forms’ with any number of pages, however four or eight pages usually suffices.

Pensioners claim form
We have developed our own version of this based on the form. Similar in style to our ‘New Claim Form’.

Advisory/explanatory leaflets
We offer all of the leaflets a Local Authority could possibly require, with just some examples listed below:

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit – Notes for filling in the claim form
A guide for landlords whose tenants want to claim Housing Benefit
A guide for homeowners who want to claim Council Tax Benefit
A guide for tenants who want to claim Council Tax Benefit
2nd adult rebate leaflet
Pre Tenancy Determination leaflet & application form
Proof of income / certificate of earned income
Certificate of state benefit
Change of Address
Interviews Under Caution
After an interview under caution
‘New Claim Pack folder’ to hold everything a new claimant needs –enhances performance standards

Call us today for more information about our UK wide print services and let us know your requirements.