Direct mail, personalised mail outs, email distribution, from an experienced and cost-effective source

Direct mail by post, by door drop, by email distribution – expertly carried out, whatever the medium.

Direct mail campaigns offer a highly efficient, cost effective marketing medium, minimising wastage by focussing on a closely targeted group.

Let Print Image Network put its experience and expertise to work on your campaign whether by direct mail, personalised mail outs or of course quick and cost-effective email distribution.

Whether you choose direct mail, personalised mail outs, door drop or email, your message deserves to be delivered professionally and efficiently, making the most of its impact not only visually but with all the unseen technical precision that can only come from a direct mail provider with our level of expertise and breadth of experience.

Based in North West England and operating throughout the UK, Print Image Network can help you to make the very most of your direct mail campaign, making every penny of your budget work hard for you and your project.

Which delivery medium should you choose? Email, door drop, direct mail and personalised mail outs each have their strengths and shortcomings. Let Print Image Network advise on the benefits of each, enabling you to make the best and most carefully considered choice.

Direct mail has been used for many years but often wastefully and inefficiently, leaving a vast proportion of material to be discarded unread as ‘junkmail.’ Let Print Image Network make your material stand out on the doormat, in the letterbox and email inbox. Direct mail needs to be focussed to be effective but, in the hands of an inexperienced operator could lead to excessive waste if material is sent to non-target individuals or organisations. Trust Print Image Network to precisely target your direct mail, personalised mail outs, door drops and email campaigns to minimise wastage and maximise returns.

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