Print solutions for Individual Electoral Registration (IER)

A3 and A4 HEFs and ITRs, A4 confirmation letters and envelopes

Through our links with the AEA, the Cabinet Office and the Electoral Commission we are fully conversant with IER form, letter and envelope guidelines. This means we are able to work with our customers to overcome the print and distribution complexities involved in the IER transition.

Benefits of Print Image Network’s IER Solutions

  • IER forms prepared on your behalf
  • Secure data transfer compliant with ISO 27001 Information Security
  • Solutions for different printing scenarios
  • Cost saving ‘Group run’ option
  • In-house solution for A4 confirmation letters – Network Post
  • Bespoke delivery methods to best suit your council

Our IER printing solutions

We have considered all possible printing scenarios of Household Enquiry forms (HEFs), Invitation to Register forms (ITRs) and confirmation letters to provide print solutions that will make the transition easier for local councils across the UK. Whether you plan to print in black and white or colour, adding your own tailored message to the back page of HEFs and ITRs, we have a solution for you. We are currently working with a number of councils to set up print-ready forms in time for the CLR rollout dates.

Solutions for HEFs and ITRs

Throughout the transition you will have print requirements for long and short print runs of HEFs and ITRs. Apart from the initial launch runs, print quantities will be unknown.

A3 long print runs 

  • Set-up your artwork using the issued HEF and ITR forms and letters
  • Data can be accepted using our secure methods of transfer
  • Data is mail sorted to achieve the best postage rates
  • Print, fold and insertion service into outer C5 envelopes (can be mailed or sorted for canvass delivery)

A3 short print runs 

  • Bespoke runs per council or join our Group Run initiative*
  • Group Run initiative – allocated ‘run dates’ for forms and letters
  • Potential mailing savings to be made
  • Envelope solution will allow further cost savings to be made

Solutions for confirmation letters

The initial launch of IER will generate large print runs of confirmation letters following successful DWP data matches, with smaller, ad-hoc print runs thereafter.

A4 long print runs

  • Utilise the issued confirmation letter templates
  • Data can be accepted using our secure methods of transfer
  • Data is mail sorted to achieve the best postage rates
  • Letters are laser-printed, folded and inserted into outer C5 envelopes and posted

A4 short print runs

  • Bespoke mailings can be arranged or your council can use our Network Post solution which allows an in-house option for your confirmation letters.
  • Pay-as-you mail solution for mono or colour printing of A4 letters
  • Allows fast response to correct data matches
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • One monthly itemised invoice
  • Management portal to control print jobs and monitor activity

If you want to find out more about our printing solutions for IER, please contact us today:

Call: 0161 209 4800